Zoomerification | Know Your Meme

In the following days, @LeaMaric’s post was widely reposted. For example, on May 22nd, Instagram user weteggs reposted the image, gaining over 6,300 likes in two weeks.

Starting on May 26th, Instagram user rad_milk posted a series of memes in which various people and characters were given Zoomer Perm and their catchphrases humorously altered with Gen Z slang. For example, on May 26th, rad_milk posted such edit of Jim Halpert from The Office that gained over 6,000 likes in ten days (shown below, left). On May 27th, rad_milk posted an edit of Morpheus from The Matrix which was reposted by numerous Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in the following week (shown below, right).

Low key Pam is kinda mid tho fr John Krasinski Jim Halpert The Office Forehead Nose Eye Eyebrow Neck Jaw Sleeve Eyelash Dress shirt Collar Tie Black hair

In early June 2022, the trend gained viral popularity online, initially on Instagram, as multiple meme pages posted Zoomerificiation edits, including viral versions by trashcanpaul, adam.the.creator and sonny5ideup.

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