What Is ‘Mommy? Sorry. Mommy?’ And Why Is It Starting To Come Back?

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You may remember a TikTok craze from September of last year involving people looking at hot women and repeating Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry, etc. The trend was a massive hit, dominating the TikTok meme scene over the fall.

However, the phrase has recently begun seeing a surprising new uptake in memes, which means it’s time to walk through the history of this meme and how to use it.

What Is ‘Mommy? Sorry. Mommy?’

In August of 2021, TikToker roofjesus posted a TikTok in which he continually referred to his girlfriend as “Mommy,” a sort of infantilized way of referring to an attractive woman that has taken off as a joke in some online communities. He then apologized with “Sorry,” before repeating “Mommy” and “Sorry” over and over again as the girlfriend gets a sheepish look on her face.

@roofjesus excuse me? #fyp #creaming ♬ excuse me mommy – tim

The sound became popular as people flaunted their hot girlfriends or hot outfits, particularly if large breasts were a part of the equation. As people from across the gender and sexuality spectrum tend to enjoy beautiful women, the sound vaulted to the top of TikTok’s ecosystem, where it maintained a solid presence through the rest of the year.

Why Is It Coming Back?

It’s not unheard of for TikTok sounds to see resurgences, though in the case of “Mommy, Sorry,” the phrase is seeing more use in text posts than on the app. On Twitter, the text has become a regular phrase among fandoms of video game characters, K-pop idols, and musicians (along with a whole array of NSFW content).

It’s less common, though not unheard of, to see the text used in memes as well, usually as a way to poke fun at a character who is too horny for their own good.

How To Use “Mommy? Sorry.”

Basically, “Mommy? Sorry” is an updated version of a “wolf-whistle” or the phrase “humana-humana.” Basically, it implies you’ve just come across a woman so incredibly beautiful that your brain short circuits. At this point in the meme’s lifespan, it’s essentially become the new version of “step on me,” as was a craze among the teens upon seeing gorgeous pictures a few years ago.

It’s possible that part of the reason it’s grown popular is there’s an implied attempt at politeness to it, with the ever-repeating “sorry,” as though the poster doesn’t want to come off as weird but they can’t help it — “I am looking respectfully” shares a similar function.

Basically, there’s nothing stopping you from using the “Mommy? Sorry” meme if you’re gobsmacked by a beautiful lady. Just try not to be too weird about it.

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