What Does The ‘She’s A 10, But…’ Meme Mean?

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(Andy Rooney voice): It seems like nowadays you can’t scroll through five tweets without reading “‘He’s a 10, but’ this” and “‘She’s a 10, but’ that” when society should really “A 10-d” to cleaning up its act.

Yes, the She’s a 10, But meme has become all the rage on Twitter over the past week, as tweets like “She’s a 10 but she asks you if you’d still love her if she was a worm” and “She’s a 10 but she cries when she’s mad” have gone viral, comedy-be-damned. The format seemed to spring out of nowhere, and if you’re wondering what the story is behind the new snowclone, we have you covered.

Where Did “She’s A 10, But” Come From?

The trend actually sprung from TikTok, where it was more of a game than a series of banal quips. On May 31st, 2022 TikToker @leahhwoodss posted a video in which she and her friends passed time on a long car ride by playing a game where one person would present a hypothetical scenario such as, “He’s a 6, but drives a nice truck. What does that make him?” The next person would answer how the “nice truck” affected the hypothetical person’s attractiveness, and pose a similar hypothetical to the next person.

@leahhwoodss the end proved our point #socal #fyp #findhim #whosisthismans @lucyyyyylouuuu @maryland_w ♬ original sound – Leah Woods

The game spread on TikTok over the following weeks before hitting Twitter roughly in mid-June. There, the game aspect was lost as people racked up likes and retweets by posting their versions of the hypothetical person, only without the challenge to the reader to rate the person with a significant attribute. From there, the rest is (short) history.

... lycia @alyciacruz_ she's a 10 but she bites the skin off her lips when she's anxious 4:43 PM - Jun 19, 2022 Twitter for iPhone Font

How To Use “She’s A 10, But”

The central premise of the meme is to give a hypothetical person of some level of attractiveness a quality that will either positively or negatively affect their attractiveness level. Often this takes the shape of “S/he’s a 10 but…” followed by a playful negative attribute, usually intended to be humorous.

While many very mildly clever iterations of the meme have gone viral, the format has spawned a wave of haters, as many feel it is not a particularly humorous or worthwhile meme.

Reece @JeffHardyStan "she's a 10 but-" 11:55 PM - Jun 20, 2022 Twitter for iPhone ... Glenn Quagmire Arm Cartoon Sharing Gesture Happy

This has led to a situation where some of the broadest iterations of the format veer towards being, for lack of a better term, cheugy, meaning popular but very basic.

If you want to post your own “She’s a 10, but” meme, understand the market is extremely saturated at the moment, and if you want to stand out, you’ll have to come up with an extremely solid punchline.

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