Twitch Bans Then Unbans Codemiko For Pixelated Nudity On Stream In Less Than 24 Hours

For the fourth time in her career, the virtual influencer known online as CodeMiko was banned by the streaming platform Twitch for something related to her stream.

Miko is a wildly successful and largely followed virtual streamer, meaning that, while she has done face reveals in the past, for the overwhelming majority of her streams she has an animated persona that is motion captured to match her facial expressions, which gives her more freedom to experiment with different ideas while streaming.

One of those ideas, which got her banned yesterday, involved having her virtual avatar be naked except for a common mosaic blur being put over the sensitive areas, supposedly under the thought that Miko wouldn’t get banned if she kept those parts censored. This misjudgment would result in her fourth ban by the platform last night.

However, less than a day later, the ban was overturned, which has already caused some fans of the platform to get up in arms. Typically, when a Twitch policy or rule is broken, the ban time is somewhere between three to seven days. In Miko’s case, it being under 24 hours apparently didn’t sit right with fans of the platform.

Compounding this issue is the question of what kind of signal this sends from Twitch, in which her reason for being banned, the nudity of a virtual figure that had a mosaic on it, now being overturned well before the average ban time has different interpretations by the Twitch crowd.

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