Stranger Things: The Experience Photo Slideshow

Stranger Things: The Experience Photo Slideshow
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Photo: Cheryl Eddy/io9

This thing ain’t cheap (tickets start at $54 per person; for info on booking in San Francisco, check out this link), and it lasts about an hour—longer if you stick around to play the free arcade games in the “Mix-Tape” lounge area. However, if you’re a big fan of the show with a few extra bucks burning a hole in your Members Only jacket pocket, it’s a reasonably fun way to spend an evening. The set-up is that you’re a willing participant in a “sleep study”—really an excuse to get you into Hawkins Lab, where it’s discovered that you (and all the other visitors) have secret superpowers. The experience guides you to use these powers as part of its main story, which involves helping the Stranger Things kids free Max and Eleven from the Upside Down. Along the way you move through various rooms throughout the lab (clever special effects make it seem as if you’re being menaced by Demodogs, contacted telepathically by Eleven, chatting with Dustin and company over the lab’s closed-circuit TV system, receiving instructions from Dr. Brenner, etc.), and the whole thing ends in the Upside Down, brought to life though some rather nifty 3D effects (the glasses are provided).

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