Steven Grant Looking At Security Footage

Steven Grant Looking At Security Footage
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In the series Moon Knight, the protagonist Steven Grant has moments where he is not in control of his body, with another personality called Marc taking over his body and committing various crimes and atrocities. In the second episode of the series, Steven black outs inside of the museum that he works at, and the following day he goes back to his work to ask to see the security footage, not sure how he managed to get himself home. Upon viewing the footage, he is disturbed to find his body, with Marc as the pilot, staring back at him intently. The scene in question was uploaded to YouTube by the channel instant clips on April 7th, 2022 (shown below).

The earliest meme to utilize the scene was posted to Reddit on April 18th, 2022, by the Redditor Staghound, in which the redditor is disturbed to find that he himself is to blame for gay porn being watched on his computer, but earning 11,000 upvotes in two months (shown below).

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