Rumors That Zendaya Is Pregnant Flood Twitter And TikTok Despite Being A Hoax

Rumors That Zendaya Is Pregnant Flood Twitter And TikTok Despite Being A Hoax
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Euphoria and Spider-Man actress Zendaya is trending this morning as a rumor’s spread claiming that she’s pregnant. Started on TikTok, the hoax spread to Twitter, inspiring many memes along the way.

On June 13th, 2022, a TikToker named Ryan Roberts posted a video that showed him green-screened in front of a Zendaya Instagram post, showing an ultrasound of a baby in her belly. The caption of the post read, “I love you. Halfway there ❤️,” and tagged fellow Spider-Man actor Tom Holland.

@ryan.roberts THERE IS NO WAY #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #AmazonVirtualTryOn #MakeASplash #zendaya #tomholland #pregnant #fypシ #zyxcba ♬ original sound – wandakardashian


To the wise observer, the Instagram screenshot was obviously faked, easily debunkable by just going to Zendaya’s profile and seeing that it was never posted. However, more TikTokers continued to reiterate the lie, claiming that she removed it or was hiding the information in general. The rumor proved to be fruitful for these creators who earned thousands of plays over the course of one day.

@frannn819 #zendaya #pregnant ♬ original sound – wandakardashian

@rymorton #fy#foryou ♬ original sound – wandakardashian

Soon after, the hoax spread to Twitter and found itself in the “Trending” bar of the app. Many users saw “ZENDAYA PREGNANT” written in all caps, which was too tempting not to investigate. Memes and tweets surfaced in the 24-hour span, causing a frenzy of references, templates and conclusions to be jumped to.

As stated, the rumor was just that: a rumor. As Twitter users began to realize this, they reminisced about when Zendaya being pregnant was trending in back in January. Most likely, this rumor will surface again and again given the actress’ notoriety and meme potential. Will the internet believe when she is actually pregnant? Only time will tell.

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