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Relationship Soft Launch | Know Your Meme
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The practice is strongly associated with Instagram, but since relationship soft launches tend to not label themselves as such, it is unknown when exactly the first relationship launch may have happened on the platform. The phrase continued to be used sporadically on Twitter throughout the latter half of the 2010s without generating a large amount of engagement up until July 12th, 2020, when comedian Rachel Sennott tweeted about the practice, receiving nearly 130,000 likes in two years.

Rachel Sennott @Rachel_Sennott congrats on the instagram soft launch of ur boyfriend (pic on story, elbow and side profile only) 10:39 PM Jul 12, 2020 Twitter for iPhone 7,882 Retweets 1,192 Quote Tweets 127.8K Likes Font

On September 25th, 2020, TikToker jess.fisher5 uploaded a video defining a “relationship soft launch” and explaining how to perform one, which received over 272,000 likes in roughly a year and a half (shown below).

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