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Red Scare (Podcast) | Know Your Meme
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Red Scare began on March 29th, 2018, with an episode titled “Infowhores.” The podcast’s Patreon began on the same date and currently has over 13,000 patrons, raking in over $56,000 a month.

The podcast gained notoriety following a 2020 profile in The Cut that described Red Scare as “a critique of feminism, and capitalism, from deep inside the culture they’ve spawned,” a line which the podcast itself uses on the homepage of its website.

The show is frequently associated with New York City’s reactionary downtown arts scene and grouped together with or compared with other irreverent and controversial leftist podcasts like Cum Town and Chapo Trap House. The show’s listeners and overall vibe has a notorious reputation, as depicted in the meme seen below, posted to Reddit on November 1st, 2020, receiving over 120 likes in roughly one and a half years.

MEN DON'T PROTECT YOU ANYMORE - JENNY HOLZER partysuggestion: play arthur russell's disco songs instead wow this party is boring that guy said hi to me..i can't wait to make a text post about this later note to self: remember to watch that marcel l'herbier film on mubi later i wonder if my umm kulthum discography torrent has finished yet i wish i was home with my antique doll collection... just think about flannery o'connor until you can leave where's your weed dealer when you need him i am surrounded by sin the girl over there gave me a "i know about jun togawa too" look has the new inquiry accepted my pitch yet? >tfw björk will never be yr mother >tfw lizzy mercier descloux will never be yr aunt I bet he loves bukowski they're all doing jagerbombs but where's the wine? >thw no falconer bi i'm glad everyone here is a working class normie with next to no investment in culture they probably don't know what an avant-teen is Sleeve Gesture Font Happy

Most episodes feature the hosts riffing for about 50 to 90 minutes with little structure. The theme song of the podcast is “All The Things She Said” by Russian artists t. A.T.u.

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