Process To Share Internet Via Bluetooth Tethering

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Process To Share Internet Via Bluetooth Tethering:- Friends Today in this post we are going to talk about how wifi share internet with Bluetooth?

So if you have to know about it, then definitely read this post till last.

Process To Share Internet Via Bluetooth Tethering

Friends, you may have shared your mobile with internet hotspot and wifi many times.

But do you know that we can share your mobile internet data with any other mobile or computer even with Bluetooth?

If you do not know how to share wifi internet with Bluetooth.

Then no matter because today we are going to tell you about this. So by following this post.

you can easily share your wifi or mobile internet with Bluetooth tethering to your Friends mobiles.

There must have been a question in your mind now that when we can share the internet with hotspot.

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why do we need to share the internet with Bluetooth?

So, I would like to tell you that we can share mobile internet only with hotspot, wifi cannot do internet.

Because sharing wifi internet to another device, we have to put both the hotspot and wifi together on our mobile, only then we will be able to share our wifi internet in another mobile.

But I would like to tell you that we can not both wifi and hotspot together on our mobile together.

Only one can turn ON one at a time. So you may have noticed many times that whenever we hotspot on it to share the wifi internet of our device, the wifi automatically goes off. And when we return wifi back on, the hotspot gets off. Just because of this we can not share our wifi internet from hotspot to another mobile.

Keeping this in mind, how do we share the internet with Bluetooth today? It’s about telling you so that you can share your wifi internet with your friends too.

How to share internet with Bluetooth Tethering?

1. For this, first of all, you have to go to settings of the mobile, which is wifi connected to the mobile or internet you have to share.

2. Then click on More or More Setting.

3. Now the option of a Tethering and portable hotspot will be, click on it.

4. And then the option of Bluetooth Tethering, click on it to enable it.

Till now your work has been done. Now the mobile you have to run the Internet is to connect to that mobile.

So now you have to connect to the mobile that you want to connect to, then turn on Bluetooth and then go to Bluetooth settings and connect both the phones together.

After pairing, click on the setting icon next to the Bluetooth name of the mobile (from the mobile you want to connect to your mobile or wifi from the mobile.).

Then clicking on the Setting icon, you will see the option of internet access there, enable it.

After enabling Internet Access, a mobile which is connected to wifi can have a message show, whether you allow internet access. Then you have to click on allow. Just now your mobile has been connected to that mobile and now you can run the Internet in it too.

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