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The Instagram account @memespourcoolkidsfeministes (in English, “memes for feminist cool kids”) was created in March of 2019. As of June 2022, it has over 159,000 followers. The account’s creator, Anna Toumazoff, is a prominent French feminist who is the face of the account: the profile picture is of Toumazoff (see below) and her name is listed on the page. The account describes itself as a “vulgarisation” (that is, a putting into everyday language of a complex topic) of feminism. Toumazoff’s other account @cequeveulentlesfemmes (“what women want” in English) has almost 19,000 followers, while her personal account @annatoumazoff has over 38,200 followers.

The memes of the account, and Toumazoff herself, have been profiled and described in the French press, featuring in magazines such as Neon Mag, Paulette and popular internet culture site Topito.

As an activist and “militante feministe” (militant feminist, in English) Toumazoff is credited with starting several well-known hashtags from her Twitter account,which has over 15,800 followers. These hashtags include #UberCestOver which threw light on harassment that took place during Uber rides and #SciencesPorcs, which discussed harassment that took place at Sciences Po Toulouse, a French university.

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