Pope vs. High Sparrow | Know Your Meme


The meme received a quick spike in usage later that year when it came to New Year’s celebrations, with it being used again as people compared what it’s like drinking on New Year’s Eve compared to waking up hungover the next morning, which was uploaded to a meme roundup on the official Peru.com website (shown below).

Noche del 31 Madrugada del 1ero Jonathan Pryce Game of Thrones Forehead Nose Chin Human Jaw Community Collar Adaptation People Wrinkle

On May 19th, 2017, a version of the meme was posted to Reddit by the Redditor GlimmeringTesticles, in which the contrast and punchline has to do with how the person looks at Mass versus them at home, being the first meme to take advantage of the first image being of the Pope, the highest human authority in Catholicism (shown below).

Me at mass vs. me at home Jonathan Pryce The Two Popes Game of Thrones Forehead Nose Face Chin Hairstyle Eyebrow Eye Facial expression Human Jaw Collar Adaptation Wrinkle

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