It Is Here That We Harvest Half Of French Salt

It Is Here That We Harvest Half Of French Salt
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A post from Francophone Reddit meme page r/rance from u/korosif on July 11, 2018, remixed the original “C’est pas sorcier” video by adding subtitles which seemed to suggest French salt came from Belgium, calling out Belgians as salty. The remix received 2,225 upvotes 159 comments.

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Relatively frequent Twitter use from 2018 onwards is recorded, and reportedly, the phrase is widely used in the French language League of Legends gamer community.

An example of the Twitter use of the phrase, which usually appears in replies, is below. In the initial Tweet, a local government official appears to take credit for an assistance program during the coronavirus quarantine that delivered groceries to people in need. The grocery chain mentioned, @franprix, then replies to the official explaining that the local government had nothing to do with the program and grocery stores acted independently to establish it. The user, @MBellec, then captions the entire exchange “C’est ici qu’on récolte la moitié du sel français” presumably in reference to the sassy response of @franprix.

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