I Wish Everyone Who Dies Goes To Hell No Matter What


On November 9th, 2021, Tumblr user assdare posted a version of the meme changing the caption to wish people interested in NFTs and crypto go to hell, gaining over 70,000 notes in seven months (shown below). On December 7th, Tumblr user saltyfinalboss posted a version of the meme referencing League of Legends and Arcane, gaining over 10,000 notes in six months.

On January 30th, 2022, Tumblr user fagbur posted a version of the meme wishing people who make their cars loud on purpose go to hell, gaining over 55,000 notes in five months (shown below, left). On February 16th, Tumblr user elliewilliams posted a version of the meme about wanting TikTok to shut down, gaining over 27,600 notes in four months (shown below, right).

i wish everyone who loud as fuck purposefully makes their car goes to hell no matter what Cartoon Vertebrate White Product Organism Mammal Mode of transport Happy Gesture Headgear Font People Art Sharing Illustration i wish. twitter and tiktok shut down with no prior warning to their userbases Hairstyle Cartoon Vertebrate Happy Organism Mammal Gesture Mode of transport Water Headgear Finger Art Line Font People Fun

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