‘Hollow Knight’ Fans Rejoice As Crumb Of ‘Silksong’ News Is Released, But There’s Still No Release Date

'Hollow Knight' Fans Rejoice As Crumb Of 'Silksong' News Is Released, But There's Still No Release Date
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Hollow Knight fans can finally start removing their clown makeup, for finally, a video game trailer event happened in which there appeared literally any news about the game’s long-awaited sequel, Silksong.

During yesterday’s Xbox + Bethesda Showcase, a new trailer for Silksong dropped, the first for the game since its gameplay showcase appeared at E3 2019. The trailer shows new footage of the main character Hornet, and promises the game will be on Xbox Game Pass on its day of release — whenever that is. No release date was given for the game.

In a Twitter exchange, the official Xbox account seemed to confirm that the game will be out “within the next 12 months.”

In the three years since Silksong was showcased at E3, there’s been very little news regarding the game, leading to a cycle of Hollow Knight fans getting excited before every video game company livestream in hopes of an update, only to have said hopes inevitably crushed, signified by memes of Hornet and the Hollow Knight wearing clown makeup.

After the weekend’s showcase of Silksong, though it wasn’t exactly a groundbreaking announcement and didn’t actually confirm the game was coming out, Hollow Knight fans celebrated with memes showing the Hornet and the Hollow Knight finally taking off their clown makeup.

It very much remains to be seen if Silksong will indeed come out by June 13th, 2023, as Xbox seemed to imply on Twitter. For the time being, a long-suffering fanbase finally has reason to rejoice. Of course, if the game doesn’t come out by then, the clown makeup will have to be reapplied.

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