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Tokata Iron Eyes “Minor” Allegations

On June 6th, 2022, allegations surfaced that Ezra Miller had supplied a minor named Tokata Iron Eyes alcohol, marijuana and LSD when she was only 12 in 2016. The two met when the actor was visiting Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Tokata’s parents levied the allegations, saying Miller flew her out to London in 2017 to visit the studio where Fantastic Beasts was being filmed. She was 14 at the time and Miller was 25. Tokata’s parents stated they flew to Miller’s home in Vermont in 2022 to take Tokata home. There, they discovered she didn’t have her driver’s license, car keys and bank card. Bruises where also seen on Tokata’s body which they alleged Ezra caused.

On June 8th, 2022, the Twitter page DiscussingFilm posted a tweet that announced the development, earning over 9,000 likes in less than an hour (shown below, left). Immediately, memes surfaced in reference to the development. For instance, on June 8th, Twitter user Scoby20 joked about an imagined reaction from Warner Brothers executives when Exra Miller is seen trending on Twitter again, earning roughly 6,100 likes for the tweet in less than an hour (shown below, right).

DiscussingFilm 4 @DiscussingFilm Ezra Miller has been accused of supplying a minor with alcohol, marijuana & LSD. The individual's parents state "Ezra uses violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, & drugs to hold sway over a adolescent Tokata." (Source: amp.tmz.com/2022/06/08/ezr...) 2:53 PM Jun 8, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone re Ezra Miller Justice League Clothing Flash photography Sleeve Font Electric blue Sancheezzzy * @Scoby20 Replying to @Discussing Film WB every time Ezra Miller is trending: NHK WORLD h Hayao Mi 2:54 PM Jun 8, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone : Hayao Miyazaki Forehead Nose Eyebrow Mouth Beard Eyelash Vision care Jaw Watch Gesture Font Facial hair Moustache

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