Dr. Umar Johnson | Know Your Meme

Dr. Umar Johnson | Know Your Meme
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Online History

Dr. Umar started posting content online in September 2012, starting on Twitter. Going into 2014, he started posting content on Instagram, making his first post on December 16th, 2014, earning over 480 likes in eight years. Around this time, he was holding public speaking events throughout the American South related to the “State of the Black Male.”

Strippergate Controversy

In June 2015, Johnson was outed by a woman named Khym Ringgold, also known as the “Conscious Stripper” for sending her illicit text messages. She shared screenshots of text massages to her Instagram, however, the posts have since been deleted. They can still be seen in a YouTube video posted by Khym Ringgold on August 17th, 2015 (shown below, left). The leak of these messages were detrimental to Johnson’s reputation based on his insistence of celibacy in his preachings.

Johnson later posted a Facebook video about the allegations that has since been deleted, however, on September 28th, 2016, he was interviewed by DJ VLAD on YouTube, wherein, he resurfaced his thoughts on the event. He discussed in the interview how the scandal had cost him a $1 million donation from an anonymous NBA player. Over the course of six years, the video received roughly 301,400 views (shown below, right).

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