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Later that same day, October 13th 2018, an NPC Wojak with furrowed brows also appeared on Reddit’s /r/me_irl and /r/memes, this time speaking with a different character (see below).

Fortnite is dumb 기 Why? +3 ㅈ 기 Nose Head Chin Hairstyle Eye Mouth Facial expression Vertebrate White Organ Cartoon Human Black Organism Human body Jaw Mammal Ear Font Gesture Art Finger Happy Line People

The NPC Wojak continued to appear throughout the fall. Some memes featuring Angry NPC Wojak seemed to identify the character with a more left-wing political belief while others identified it with a more right-wing political belief.

People who voted Why are they racists? Leave are racists Ļ 21 Hair Forehead Nose Cheek Smile Skin Head Chin Eyebrow Mouth Hairstyle Eye Facial expression Vertebrate White Green Organ Product Cartoon Human Blue Sharing Jaw Organism Happy Ear Finger Art Mammal Font Interaction Gesture Rectangle Social group Line Adaptation People Illustration Symmetry Beauty YOU SHOULD OWN A GUN EVEN IF YOU DON'T NEED IT WEARING A MASK? MANIPULATTNG AMERICA'S JUST LIKE GULLIBLE ASSHOLES MANIPULATING AMERICA's GULLIBLE ASSHOLES MANIPULATING AMERICA'S GULLIBLE ASSHOLES Head Chin Hairstyle Facial expression Hat Cap White Organ Product Jaw Costume hat Font Headgear Line Red People Happy

An imgflip format generator for the angry NPC Wojak meme was posted on April 21, 2019.

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